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How easy is it to notice when my window is very dirty?

Not very easy. Most people do not notice when their window is really dirty till it is too late. You walk by it everyday and so you do not see the little finger smudges, dirt particles and bug poop that accumulate over time. Visitors on the other hand notice this quickly. It is their first time and so they have a keen eye for detail.

Get a clear picture out of your home, or an even clearer picture into your business. Most people do not realize how dirty their windows are until it’s disastrously dirty.

Dirty windows turn away visitors and business patrons before they even step into our business or home. Largely unseen specks, smears and all kinds of debris that give an idea that you don’t have attention to details.

Do not have a “I really don’t care about this and every other thing right now” attitude to window cleaning.

Sometimes you have time to do a spring clean other times you need an expert to get in a regular pattern or get the first intense deep clean for your windows.

Do not fall into the trap of having a clean window on the inside and a dirty window on the outside. It is essential both internal and external windows are cleaned and if you have a window close to the floor where splash and puddles can spray dirt over your window, then you may need to clean your outside window with more attention and more often than you would your inside windows.

Handling window cleaning agents & chemicals.

Window cleaners come in all shape and sizes. There are the green environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, they are harsher reagents that can be used and breakdown over time.

There are commercial grade cleaners that strip everything off the mirror. No matter what reagent or cleaner you are using, you have to make sure you choose a non-toxic solution for use around your home and business.

At Furbish, we ensure all our cleaners are environmentally safe both for plant and animals. As the popular saying goes: “Health is Wealth”. We pride ourself in keeping the environment safe and healthy.

Tools needed to clean your Windows Personally

This is a business blog, but we realize that some people will want to clean their windows personally. Here are some tools we recommend for personal use:

  • Multiple microfiber Towels (lint-free)
  • A cleaning soap bucket or sprayer for applying cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning Solution ( OTC cleaning supplies usually work well for non-commercial purposes)
  • A squeegee (if you can get your hand on one)

Cleaning Methodology

  • Spray the glass thoroughly until it is wet
  • Wipe from side to side with a wet microfiber towel bottom to top ⬆️
  • Spray a little more of your cleaning agent.
  • Wipe down the mirror with a dry cloth ⬇️. A squeegee will be helpful in this situation.
  • Wipe down the edges of the window.
  • Repeat with each window section until you’re done

For advanced cleaning needs, talk to FURBISH: Stillwater Professional window cleaners.

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