Power Washing Brick

The following instructions refer to the washing of a house with outer lining under pressure. 6With a combination of suitable cleaning agents, scrubbing, technology and a good rinse your house is like a whistle clean again. 6 You must be careful with the mortar joint especially around the corners of the building as it can be easily blown out. 12Then rinse the vegetation with cold water to ensure […]

How To Prevent Mold and Mildew from Growing on your Patio

Do you have mold and mildew growing on your patio? Are you trying to get rid of, and prevent new growth from forming on your patio? We will look at the most effective way in this article. I used to have the same problem on two massive brick paver patios in the back of the […]

Why you should power wash your house in 2020

Have you ever wondered what the rave about power washing is and how it can help you keep your home clean. What exactly is the process and how can I get my home clean? Power washing is the use of pressurized water to wash a building or equipment and knock dirt, mold and algae off […]

Cost To Power Wash Your House In 2020

What does it cost to power wash a house and what kind of time-line am I looking at? The cost of power washing varies on various factors: Generally power washing a residential house cost from about $190 to $950. While commercial properties come in at $450 to $3200 for offices, hotels and small apartment complexes. […]

Stillwater Storm Cleanup

Flooding and Storms Around Stillwater It has been thornado-ing, hailing and flooding in Stillwater and surrounding towns for about a week now. A lot of people are scared about their property and rightly so. The storm has been devastating to a lot of our stillwater, Oklahoma neighbors and it seems like no there is no […]

Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy Your privacy is critically important to us. Furbish Power Washing and Window Cleaning is located at: <address>Furbish Power Washing and Window Cleaning 4052941300</address> It is Furbish Power Washing and Window Cleaning’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website. This Privacy Policy applies […]

Serving and Cleaning The City of Stillwater

Stillwater is a beautiful city with a great campus. This is undeniable. What furbish brings to the table is an ability for residents to relax in the comfort of their homes, while we do the hard-task of scrubbing, washing and cleaning.Seat in the comfort of your leaving room and watch us turn your fence from […]