Stillwater Storm Cleanup

Oklahoma Storm

Flooding and Storms Around Stillwater

It has been thornado-ing, hailing and flooding in Stillwater and surrounding towns for about a week now.
A lot of people are scared about their property and rightly so. The storm has been devastating to a lot of our
stillwater, Oklahoma neighbors and it seems like no there is no calming of the storms.
The city’s Emergency Management Agency director, Rob Hill was quupoted saying “What that’s done to us, we have no capacity in any of our lakes, our water sheds, our retention ponds; we had no capacity. They were full”.

Local news station show devastation from flooded apartments, Babcock park and meridian technology and a lot of western road under water. The toll & stress it has brought to the city has been high and stillwater is lucky to have no casualties in the midst of all this storm.

Aftermath and health issues associated with storms and floods

These storms risk the lives of members of our communities. Our loved ones and friends are in danger both during the storms 
and after the storms. We have stories of floodwater rescues and sometimes kids playing in the dirty murky water created by these storms which can lead to waterborne diseases. Mold and algae also flourish right after storms. 
Damp environments are a great breeding ground for these organisms 

Cleanup Service by Furbish Power Washing

As the storms settle and the community recover from these devastating storms Furbish Cleaning will be here to ensure 
that your houses are clean and mold or algae growth from stagnant storm water is gone. Our expert team is at your service, 
now and long after these storms and trying times are gone. We will be offering discounts to help families get back to spending time with their loved ones. Give us a call today at 
405-294-1300 and let’s have you and your loved ones ready for a healthy summer.