Why you should power wash your house in 2020

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Have you ever wondered what the rave about power washing is and how it can help you keep your home clean. What exactly is the process and how can I get my home clean?

Power washing is the use of pressurized water to wash a building or equipment and knock dirt, mold and algae off the building to have it looking good and keep it in top condition for longer.

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  • When is the best time to pressure wash my house
  • How can I ensure my property will be protected during power washing
  • Is pressure washing harmful to plants and animals
  • Which is a trusted power washing company around me

What kind of pressure is necessary to get mud off my building:

Generally, it takes about 1,200 to 1800 PSI to knock off dirt from a building. Professional companies have a professional blend of soap and detergents that they use to knock off dirt.Professional companies also run high flow rate and sealed pumps. This helps to prevent air bubbles from forming messing with the process of removing dirt from the building. Professional companies like publish power washing you just biodegradable detergent and soaps and so there is no danger to the environment. they also use high flow rates machines and pumps the help with the use of lower pressure to knock off dirt. People wonder if the store bought pressure washer is good enough for power washing. The answer is yes and no. Starbuck power washers I’m not easily configurable, they tend to have too much pressure and very low flow rate.  this can be detrimental to the building being washed. it is best to call a professional to get the work done.

Can pressure washing get rid of all the mold and algae on my property

This is a little bit more complicated. Some deep-rooted mold will not come up a building easily, and some will come off just with a little bit of water spray. this is where the special detergent comes in:  the special detergent is specially formulated to kill mold and algae most of it comes off on contact or after a few minutes. The deeply penetrated molds will not come off immediately but they will die at the moment. Subsequently over about a week or so they will fall off and the rainfall will wash them off. Err on the side of caution when trying to rinse mold off the side of a building.

When is the best time to pressure wash my house

Short answer: When it’s above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, bacteria and mold go into hibernation during the cold winter months. The reagents that kill off mold and bacteria also work best above 65 degrees and optimally above 70 degrees. nIf you are planning on power washing your property, the best time to get ready is early in the year. I.e. February to March: Most power washers get booked early and get busy early in the year. Make sure you have a good description of what need to be power washed so the pressure washing company can help you in the best capacity.

How can I ensure my property will be protected during power washing

If you are Doing It Yourself. The most helpful tip is to reduce the pressure on your power washer if that is possible. You will love a clean shine without stripe marks on your concrete and splintered wood on your furniture or other structure. The second precaution to take is research, research, research the cleaners and reagents you are going to use. If possible, get one that is biodegradable; They are hard to come by. If using a professional, make sure you are calling a reputable company and that they have taken care of a situation like yours before. If you are not too sure, make sure the company is insured to protect your investments from damage.

Is pressure washing harmful to plants and animals

In untrained hands, yes… Pressure washing can be harmful to plants and animals. Really high pressure water can be used to cut steel and so your plants, pets and even yourself can be harmed by a pressure washer. Some rule of thumb ideas:

  •  Never directly point a pressure washing gun at yourself or other living organisms. You can cause serious harm.
  • Make sure the soaps and reagents you use are from reputable source and will cause no harm to surrounding plants and animals. 
  • Lower the pressure if you are working on a low stain not high pressure application e.g. a light rinse.

If you ensure these precautions, you can go about your pressure washing business without causing any harm. You can also call professionals to ensure they take care of every situation that could cause harm

Which is a trusted power washing company around me: Oklahoma

If you are living in the Edmond, Stillwater or Guthrie area, Furbish power Washing has been helping local residents clean up and bring their property back to life. You should give them a call or fill out a contact form for more information.

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