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Cost To Power Wash House

11 June, 2019

Cost To Power Wash House

Vertical surfaces

Washing vertical surfaces in power washing is the most common type of washing for residential customers. This includes wall, sidings and fences. Most houses have vinyl or composite sidings and cost varies on how much contaminants like dirt, algae and moss are on these vertical surfaces. Usually, there will not be printed stains on houses because people do not walk, work and drive on houses. Vinyl and composite sidings are common jobs and if no special cleaning application and agitation is needed it should cost about $0.40/sqft. Wood fences cost a little more because there's more process to cleaning them generally, they cost about $.20/linear-foot. Washing metal sidings will generally cost you more especially if your siding is oxidized. Expect to pay double the siding cleaning rate for an aluminium or tin siding. Oxidation removal requires special agents to remove the oxidation, the whole surface has to be brushed and brushed carefully enough that the paint isn't knocked off. The rinsing process of aluminium siding also involves using a light coating agent to prevent further oxidation on your siding.

Horizontal surfaces


Horizontal surfaces generally cost more than vertical surfaces to power wash. Horizontal surfaces include sidewalks, driveways, decks and patios. They are usually made of concrete, wood, composite or metals. The pricing on vertical surfaces vary wildly depending on the material used to make the surface and what kind of stains are on the surface. Among all contaminants, chewing gum and tire marks are the hardest to clean. Chewing gum usually requires hit water, special cleaning detergents to get out, but only after burning with a torch. Tire marks usually just needs a solution and a lot of scrubbing to get it off. Other kind of contaminants include algae, moss. dirt and oil stains. Algae, moss and dirt are usually easier to clean off. They need a special surfactant and other material and they need to be knocked off by the pressure washer and rinsed thoroughly to prevent future growth. We sometimes seal them to keep these contaminants out for a longer time. Washing a concrete driveway usually cost about $1/sqft to $1.50/sqft. Having to clean off heavy duty stains will cost more. Wooden and composite deck and patios require more care and high pressure cannot be used on these surfaces. Most time agitation of the whole surface with a soft broom and some chemicals is needed. If the surface has chipped boards or broken stain it will usually cost more. and a restaining is probably needed. Wood and composite cleaning usually cost about $1.50/sqft

Specialty cleaning

Sometimes you need to clean your roof, a farming or construction equipment, or vans and work trucks, dump trucks etc. These services are specialized and have different pricing depending on the kind of equipment needed.