Serving and Cleaning The City of Stillwater

Fresh Clean Country Air

Stillwater is a beautiful city with a great campus. This is undeniable. What furbish brings to the table is an ability
for residents to relax in the comfort of their homes, while we do the hard-task of scrubbing, washing and cleaning.

Seat in the comfort of your leaving room and watch us turn your fence from grimy, dusty and dirty to brand new.
Become the envy of your neighbourhood with your brand new fence( not new technically, but looks new enough) you definitely
will not be disappointed with the great result we consistently deliver.

A lot of the Stillwater community also have driveways that have deteriorated in look over time through normal use.
Give your driveway a new lease of life with a simple wash. Get in contact with us today.

Our most renowned service along with fence cleaning and deck-washing is a full house-wash.
Get your house cleaned and looking new without hurting your pocket. We take care to ensure your property is in the best shape when we are done washing.

Algae, mildew and moss are a threat to your most expensive investment - **Your Home / Business**. They bore roots into your property
and the longer they are on there the more damage the cause over time. We specialize in removing algae and moss from your property and leaving you withe brightest shine when we are done.

Furbish is dedicated to creating opportunities in Stillwater by hiring locals and working with local businesses to create better conditions
for residents to live, businesses to thrive and grow. Reach out to us today to see how we can be of help to you.
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